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Okay, for my large design project this semester I had to do a design for a CD Album. It took 6 weeks but was the funnest thing ever, the design centralising around grunge and coffee. So lots of mess, lots of coffee and lots of stains. Oops! here are the final products.


These next two are images of the brochure that has an image to describe each song. 





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Okay, WOW, it has been awhile, sorry about that. I have had a busy few months of university and the time I did have free was spend relaxing. But now I have finished my first year of uni, I handed in my last assignment last thursday night and now I am ready to start posting things again.

So first of all I have lots of design stuff to show you which I will gradually get up on here, plus a little bit of design news I will share in a few days or weeks, we will see how we go. But first I will start my posting again with a little bit of ‘baking’ I have been busy with the last few days.  These delicious treats are what I call Strawberry Ripes. Now I found a recipe on Pinterest but I changed it a bit because it called for cherries and although I looked high and low for some fresh cherries I could not find any anywhere. So I decided to change the recipe a bit and experiment a bit with it. Well, they turned out AMAZING, and have the added bonus of having very little sugar in them, the 85% dark chocolate having extremely low sugar content!  I want to look into making my own chocolate so that it is completely sugar free but we will see how we go!


Anyways, I will be back soon with more to show, so have a great day and weekend and make sure you check back for more!

Love Roz xx

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A very important lesson I learnt at university last semester was don’t give up, be persistent and push through. We were taught that creative is important but often the persistent, but sometimes less creative designers, are the ones that pull through and make a career out of graphic design. We were told many times that you may be creative but if you don’t have the drive to get over the bumps in the road you won’t make it. One of the most important things a designer needs is perseverance. A design may be gorgeous but a client doesn’t like it, we can’t just give up and quit, we need to take a deep breath and look at it from a different angle and definitely don’t give up; try harder and work at it. This is something that really helped me feel comfortable in my course; I have doubted many times whether I will make it as a designer because sometimes I struggle very much to come up with great concepts. But to hear that designers will have this made me feel like I could do it, I just needed to take a deep breath, move past the block in my mind and try new things, and most of all try to think outside the box. There are techniques for getting out of ruts, this website being a great tool to boost creativity.

This doesn’t only have to relate to design, in anything we do we need to persevere and work our hardest. God commands that we use our talents and allow them to grow,  just look at the parable of the the Talents in Matthew 25:14 – 30. We also need to work to honour God, not trying hard for our glory or personal gain, for our purpose here on earth is to serve God and do everything for His glory. We also need to remember that we can do nothing without God as Philippians shows us in chapter 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” 

– – –

On another note I am working on some designs at the moment so hopefully I can show you at least a sneak peek soon!

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Oops, sorry for the lack of posting, it has been quite busy around here. I hope to have something to show you on monday, but you’ll have to wait as it is a gift for someone and I can’t give away what it is!

So today I will talk about what I learnt about colour while I was studying last semester. Now, I didn’t take a full class on colour and we weren’t taught a lot about it but as I was doing my assignments I really started to understand the importance of colour choice.

So, every colour gives across a particular meaning, feel or emotion. There are things that we all may straight away pick up like green refers to nature or growth, black symbolises death, red shows passion and pink shows sensitivity and love. There are also other, more hidden meanings and symbols these colours portray, these giving a meaning to a design that we may not pick out consciously or may not show something explicitly but still helps to give across the meaning for the design. By realising this we need to take this into consideration when designing. We shouldn’t just choose a colour because it is pretty, yes it needs to look good but it also needs to fulfill the purpose of the design and therefore work to persuade. There are a lot of great websites out on this great world wide web that can help us understand this, one which I will list below, and it may also be beneficial to take a unit or course just on the use of colour, I think it will be very beneficial and something I am hoping to do in the next 2 and a half years.

Colour is very powerful in design, it can make or break the design, so use it carefully and wisely.

here is one of the great websites I used while doing my assignments: http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html 

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