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Okay, okay, it’s been a while, I am sorry! Do you forgive me? If it is any consolation I have been really busy getting a bunch of projects ready to show, including a stationery set, an invitation suite and some greeting cards. The greeting cards and stationery  I will be able to show you soon, but the invitations will have to wait a bit longer. The invitations are for a friend’s wedding and I am also styling the candy buffet and making a wedding cake for her. I am supper-dooper excited to be doing the candy buffet and wedding cake, they are a bit out of my comfort zone, especially the cake, but it will be a wonderful challenge! I will make sure I keep you posted on all the progress, we can enjoy the experience together!

As for designing other things, my list is growing and growing of ideas for projects but as of yet I have not gotten very far as I have been working a lot lately, now that I have finished university for the year. But hopefully I will eventually get around to them as I would love to start ticking things off my list and trying to produce something of selling quality.

With lots of ideas for designs has come lots of research on the best way to produce them, for example looking at wonderful die-cutting machines. As I am sure you can imagine, a student can’t afford extensive and expensive machinery and neither can or should they pay for dies to get made for only a few cuts, so I have been looking at die-cutting machines focusing on the scrapbooking audience. There is a huge range of different cutters and I have narrowed it down to 3 that can cut my own designs. 2 of them a hugely out of my price range but quite a bit better than the one that I can somewhat afford, so it is hard to decide what to do. I think I will wait and save for the more expensive one but it is soooo hard to be patient with soooooooo many ideas flying around in my head!

So all in all I am sorry I don’t have anything to show you at this point in time, but hopefully in the next few weeks I will have something that can be displayed here for you all to gawk at!

Love R. xx


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Okay, for my large design project this semester I had to do a design for a CD Album. It took 6 weeks but was the funnest thing ever, the design centralising around grunge and coffee. So lots of mess, lots of coffee and lots of stains. Oops! here are the final products.


These next two are images of the brochure that has an image to describe each song. 





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